Get Military Discounts with Uber

Uber is a convenient way to travel short or long distances, including to and from the airport. As you plan your first trip ensure you do the following: learn how to download and use the Uber app or find alternative online booking methods, discover how Uber differs from other taxi services, and select the vehicle that meets your needs for value, space, and comfort.

Military & Veterans Discounts

At times Uber offers military members and veterans promotions, discounts, and in-app recognition. Please check for availability and research the verification process. More information on verification can be found at:

Other Discounts

  • Uber often offers discounts to first-time riders.
  • Users may share their referral code to earn free trips or credits towards future rides.
  • Visit Uber’s promotions page and enable notifications for specials as well as other information.
  • Partnerships with Google Maps, college campuses, and credit card companies may qualify some individuals for additional promotions

For More Information and Booking Options


  • Confirm service availability at pick-up and drop-off locations.
  • Notify your driver of plans for long distance travel, ensure your vehicle can accommodate your belongings, and consider how heavy traffic could impact your commute.
  • Note that military installations may prohibit Uber vehicles.

More Tips

  • Familiarize yourself with Uber guidelines, privacy policies, accident reporting and injury compensation, complaint filing, trip cancellation procedures, and refund requests.
  • Inquire about advanced booking and arrangements for pets and children.
  • Know that scheduled rides do not guarantee availability, longer trips may require switching vehicles, and times of high demand could result in fare increases.