Military Discounts on Motorhome & RV Rentals

RV vacations allow you to travel comfortably at your own pace but require some planning. Important aspects of RV travel include: how to find and rent one, how to operate your chosen vehicle, how to locate the best RV parks, and how to survive camping with few, if any, available hook-ups.

Military & Veterans Discounts

  • Before booking, be sure to ask about military, veteran, DOD, or government discounts.

Booking Options for Your Motorhome or RV Rentals

  • Motorhome Republic offers RV rentals so you can explore vacation destinations around the world. Read FAQ’s, book online, or call 866-425-0307.
  • provides several RVs to choose from for your one-way or round-trip adventures. Book online or call 877-778-9569.
  • Cruise America has over one hundred locations and RVs for purchase or lease. Read FAQ’s and book online or call 800-671-8042.
  •  assists you with deciding the details of your vacation through free trip planning in addition to RV rental recommendations.
  • Marine Corps Community Services lists information on military-affiliated RV parks and their available amenities along with links to park websites for further research.

Other RV Rental Companies

  • Best Time RV: based out of Las Vegas, call 800-838-0219
  • JUCY, RV Rentals: serves various West Coast and Intl locations, call 800-650-4180
  • Road Bear: has eight locations in the USA, call 866-491-9853
  • Lost Campers USA: rents smaller CamperVans, call 415-386-2693
  • Escape Campervans: offers national campervan rentals, call 877-270-8267
  • El Monte RV: a nationwide RV rental company founded in 1970, call 888-337-2228
  • Canadream: a leader in Canadian RV renting since 1995, call 866-412-8308


  • Book well in advance and have a few destinations in mind.
  • Some RV parks offer more services than others, so do your research.
  • Familiarize yourself with the vehicle and its equipment.
  • Educate yourself on all insurance options.
  • Leave time for fun and spontaneity.   

More Tips

  • Understand terms and conditions regarding: cancellation, cleaning, smoking, and pets.
  • Review age of the RV, miles included, expected MPG, and one-way rental rates.
  • Read all terms and conditions carefully on the rental agreement.
  • Enquire about 24/7 emergency tow service availability.
  • Further research/information at The National RV Dealers Association website.