Flying Companion Services

At times, we or those we love might require travel assistance. Fortunately, help is available for those with a disability, special needs, or anxiety, as well as the elderly, parents with young children, unaccompanied minors, and those who dislike traveling alone. Let an agency help so that you or your loved one has a pleasant trip, from beginning to end.

Military & Veterans Discounts

Enquire about military and veteran promotions before booking your flight companion.

Other Discounts

  • Flying Companions employees offer compassion and comfort to all whom they assist, they are experts with plane travel. They can help you with coordinating check-ins and carry luggage, assist you as you fly, arrange for ground transportation, and more. Check out the FAQ’s and get rates online or by calling 404-805-4332.
  • TLC Personal Flight Companion has experienced air travelers and caring companions who offer personalized service. Services include taking care of travel arrangements, picking you up or meeting you at departures, baggage check-in, security assistance, airport navigation, and trip assistance. Check out the FAQ’s and get rates online or call 888-912-1354.


  • Do not stress. Think about where you would like to go and when, and let your companionship service take care of the logistics.
  • Consider the extent of care you or your loved one needs. Assistance can go beyond airports and flights to entire trips.
  • Companions may have specialty training for anxiety management, for Alzheimer’s care, or more. Search to find someone to best meet your needs.
  • Contact a flying companion service far in advance, if possible.
  • You are responsible for you or your loved one’s tickets as well as the companion’s, and finding the best deals requires time.
  • Ask for background checks, references and proof of insurance.

More Tips

  • Costs vary depending on the unique details for each trip. Ask for a quote, so you have an idea of your overall travel expenses.
  • Lounge access is typically an included benefit. Details vary by airline.
  • The companies listed above do not include trained medical personnel. For a medical escort, consider Flying Nurses International or similar companies.