Airport Lounge Memberships

If you travel frequently but dread the crowded airport environment, consider booking a luxurious lounge where you can escape to an oasis of comfort. PriorityPass or LoungeBuddy help you find a nearby lounge at a rate you can afford. Grab a bite to eat, sip a beverage, and blissfully avoid the mad rush beyond its doors.

Military & Veterans Discounts

Be sure to inquire about military and veteran promotions before you purchase a membership or book your lounge.

Other Discounts

  • PriorityPass offers the family of current members a 50% discount.
  • PriorityPass discounts may be available through your credit card company.
  • Visit the Blog, subscribe to its newsletter, and use the emailed promo code within 24 hours to receive 10% off a lounge reservation.

Memberships and Booking Options for Airport Lounges

  • PriorityPass offers you airport lounge access regardless of your class of travel, the airline used, or what loyalty memberships you may currently have. It offers more than 1000+ airport lounges worldwide in 500+ cities and over 100 countries. Annual fees start under $100 and climb to $399.00.
  • is for frequent travelers and offers airport lounge access all around the world. It includes nearly 2,000 airport lounges in almost 600 global airports. Rates and availability will vary based on location. Get access via the mobile app, book online, read the FAQ’s, chat, or call 877-774-1315 for additional details.


  • Search for lounges on the PriorityPass or LoungeBuddy websites
  • Ensure lounges are accessible from the terminal or concourse you will be using.
  • Read term details, lounge have various, restrictions, and requirements.
  • Learn about booking cancellation procedures, and refund policies.
  • Leave yourself enough time to reach your gate.

More Tips

  • PriorityPass and LoungeBuddy have different pricing models.
  • All lounges reserve the right to turn away travelers when at maximum capacity.
  • If not guaranteed at a fixed price, access fees often increase during peak-use hours.
  • Numbers of guests allowed, length of stay, amounts of refreshments provided, and services considered complimentary are subject to limitation or restriction.